Bring the Best you to Every Holiday Affair!

Anti Aging williamsburg | botox williamsburg vaThe holiday season kicked into gear weeks ago – several weeks ago depending on your enthusiasm for this time of year! With the hoopla and hustle and bustle comes a big time-crunch. Between shopping and wrapping and cooking and reveling in the holiday mayhem, you may think there is no time to manage the signs of aging you’d like to leave behind at the end of the year. Because surgery is no longer the primary solution for mitigating the consequences of aging, there is plenty of time, and our Williamsburg plastic surgery office offers friendly care that can have you ready for the seasonal festivities in less than an hour.

Is it a Glow that you Need?

Sometimes, the very best thing you can do to prepare for all those holiday parties is refresh the vibrancy of your skin. Our spa services can help you do this. Facials cleanse pores and remove debris. Peels go a step beyond, and they get rid of the damaged cells that are inhibiting your glow from radiating outward. A gentle peel will leave your skin slightly red only for a few hours, and give you the lustrous skin you won’t want to cover up.

Bring out a Younger You this Season

If you have hesitated to jump on the anti-aging bandwagon, we guess it may be because there is a perception of looking fake. Of course, there are instances in which people have gone too far with their lip plumping and eyebrow raising. However, the results that our patients get from personalized injectable treatments only takes years off; it doesn’t make them look like someone else. This is the beauty of treatments like Botox and Juvederm: they make you look like you, only about a decade younger. In fact, we invite patients to bring a picture of their younger self to their consultation in order to more accurately discuss their goals.

Schedule a consultation

There’s no time like now to get a little TLC before the holiday season really gets hectic. To schedule your visit, call (757) 345-2275.

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