Get a Fresh Start in the New Year

Breast augmentation williamsburg | New year vaA new year gives us the opportunity to start fresh, to make ourselves over from the inside out – and sometimes the other way around. If your outer appearance does not reflect how you feel on the inside, this new year could be the best time to refresh. Patients of Williamsburg Plastic Surgery have several options in how they achieve aesthetic goals. Here, we will break down a few of the most popular, and the time frames you want to know for planning ahead.

A Better Bust Line by Summer

Breast augmentation surgery perfects the size and shape of breasts so they complement natural body proportions. Women who choose breast implants are often surprised at how quickly they start to feel comfortable following their surgery. However, we submit to patients that they should schedule breast augmentation 3 to 6 months ahead of the swimsuit season, or the event for which they want to look their very best. This is because tissue continues to settle over several months’ time. As it does, the natural curvature of the new breast size becomes wonderfully apparent.

A Slimmer Waist Line

The liposuction procedure is not reserved only for the abdominal area; we perform this treatment on arms, buttocks and hips, and other areas on which patients struggle with stubborn fat cells. Results from liposuction may take a bit of time to fully develop due to the swelling that may occur in the tissues surrounding the treatment area. In most cases, scheduling 2 to 3 months of “wait time” for ultimate slimming effects is sufficient.

A Younger-Looking Face

Many of the patients who visit our Williamsburg office ask us about the fastest way to rejuvenate the face. While there are multiple treatment options, the best solution for one person may not be appropriate for another. In many cases, men and women who want to look younger can achieve this goal with injectables. In such instances, there is very little time in between treatment and optimal results! Botox refreshes the face gradually over about a week’s time, and dermal fillers provide immediate improvement.

Sometimes, surgical lifting is the most suitable approach to facial aging. Procedures such as blepharoplasty rejuvenate the eyes, and require only about a month for total healing.

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