Facelift or Fillers: Which to Choose for your Best Look.

facelift williamsburg vaThe evidence of mankind’s desire for youth can be seen across history. From taking milk baths to covering the face (and body) in a mud paste mixed with crocodile dung, men and women have put great effort into nurturing their skin to avoid the ravages of time. Today, we have far more sophisticated systems in place. Patients of Williamsburg Plastic Surgery tend to have one primary question: what is the best method for their age-related cosmetic concerns? More often than not, the answer comes in the form of one of two options, facelift or fillers. Let’s see what each can do for you.

The Appeal of Injectables

Need we spell out the reason why fillers and neuromodulators like Botox are so popular? Well, we will. People like this option of reducing wrinkles because it’s fast, convenient, and free of incisions and recovery time. Injectables are, in fact, valuable contributions to aesthetic medicine. They can be used across the entire face to smooth frown lines and crow’s feet, plump the cheeks, and restore definition to the jaw line. Does that mean every person who wants to look younger can do so without surgery? Not necessarily.

Where Clear Boundaries Lie

There are several advantages to wrinkle reduction using fillers and other injectables. However, one must be careful to know where the boundaries of such treatments lie. It is possible to go overboard with any type of treatment, even those that are intended to achieve subtle, natural looking results. A substantial amount of filler product in the cheeks, for instance, may lift the sagging jowls. However, the rounds of the cheeks may then look stiff and artificial. And most people know the consequences of too much Botox (Surprise!).

Facelift Surgery may not be What you Think

What we tend to hear from patients is that they want to avoid facelift surgery because they don’t want to look fake. While there was an era of overly tightened skin, the facelift techniques that are employed today lead to results that look like you, only younger. Skin and underlying tissue is tightened and removed as needed to minimize laxity in the most appropriate manner. Then, volume is added using either fat from another part of the body, or a minimal amount of filler product.

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