To Lift or Fill: Getting the Breasts You Want

Breast Lift Williamsburg VABreast curvature is an important aspect of beauty for many women. With time and various internal and external factors, the appearance of the breasts changes – sometimes dramatically. The more intense this metamorphosis and the more important breast shape is to a woman, the more suffering may occur. You don’t need to suffer the dissatisfaction you feel with your changing breasts. There are ways to give you the shape you want. The question is, which approach do you want to take?

Many women assume that the way to better breasts is through augmentation. Silicone and saline implants do, in fact, have a lot to offer. That doesn’t mean this procedure is right for everyone, though. Here, we want to point out how a good breast lift can be a valuable approach to refining the curves of the chest.

Better Shape

Breasts don’t just have volume; they have shape. Furthermore, not every woman is interested in having large breasts. What is expressed by many of the women we meet is the desire for contours to be more in line with the body’s natural frame. This can change due to the expansion and deflation that occurs throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. The aging of the skin and connective tissue in the body also has a hand in the “bottoming-out” of breasts, or the drop in volume from the upper and central regions to the bottom, near the chest crease.

Better Projection

Here’s something that may be overlooked: where breast tissue sits on the chest wall makes a difference in how large the breasts look. The illusion of size is somewhat reliant on projection, or how far forward breast tissue leans. You may remember a time in your life when you would describe your breasts as “perky.” This was because tissue sat well within the cradle of connective tissue around it, and everything pointed forward nicely. As tissue degrades and fat cells shrink after weight loss or with age, breasts fall and look small and saggy.

Breast lift surgery is performed to improve the projection and shape of the breasts by reinstating the strength of the envelope of tissue around them. Even without the addition of volume, this procedure can achieve beautiful results. Learn more in a consultation in our Williamsburg office. Call us at (757) 345-2275

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