Which Cosmetic Surgeries Create the Most Happiness?

Anti-Aging Services Williamsburg, VAThe idea of cosmetic surgery making people happier is not something that we talk about without careful consideration. But sometimes we really need to point out that, yes, under the right circumstances, a man or woman who undergoes the procedure of their choice can ultimately find themselves smiling more.

It makes sense that getting a certain body part to look the way you envision it in your mind would make you feel good inside. This is corroborated by research. A pivotal study confirmed this, and even let us know why. People who feel good about their overall image, and who have healthy self-esteem, tend to seek cosmetic surgery because they want to feel better. There is no expectation of “fixing” the body or that idea that the body is somehow deficient and in need of surgical enhancement in order to be attractive. Now that we have clarified one of the most important aspects of patient satisfaction, let’s look at a few of the most grin-worthy cosmetic procedures.

Most Popular Breast Procedure

You probably guessed breast augmentation would be the winner in this category, and you’re right. With a Worth It rating of 97% on RealSelf, breast augmentation reigns as the procedure that gives women a lot to smile about. The popularity of breast augmentation may have even grown since the development of form-stable silicone implants that are more like natural breasts in look and in feel. Today, the trend in breast augmentation is to create better symmetry and overall shape, not to “go big or go home.”

Most Popular Body Procedure

There are numerous technologies that have been developed to help people say goodbye to unwanted fat, but none of them compare to the most popular body procedure, liposuction. This is because liposuction gets right to the heart of the matter, melting or otherwise disruption excess fat cells and then ushering them right on out – immediately. Yes, there may be anesthesia for larger areas, and there is a bit of downtime. However, liposuction still offers the predictable results that patients want.

Most Popular Face Procedure

There is nothing like a facelift to shackle the hands of Father Time. The RealSelf Worth It rating for this procedure is 96%, and for good reason. Again, the surgical lifting of tissue achieves more than is possible with alternative modalities. Today’s facelifts do more than tighten up the existing tissue on the face, we are also focused on adding volume in all the right places to personalize the final outcome.

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