How to Perfect Your Eyebrows Even After a Wax

Take your eyebrows one step further and give them that extra bit of oomph they need even after you get them professionally waxed by Williamsburg Plastic Surgery. With voluminous and dark shaded brows gaining popularity amongst even fair skinned and blonde beauties, these simple tricks will help you get those runway worthy brows that all of your friends will be talking about on Instagram. Read on to learn more.

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Brush Them

Even after you get your brows professionally waxed by Williamsburg Plastic Surgery they may be a little untamed— after all, that’s the trend right now. However, just because it’s trendy to have fuller brows, doesn’t mean that they have to be all over the place. In order to help them keep their shape a little longer, make sure to brush them with an eyebrow brush everyday. Typically included with your eyebrow kit, eyebrow brushes are designed to smooth out the fine hairs in your eyebrows. As a tip, start brushing against the growth of your hair and then brush them again the other way— this will help to get a smoother look.

Fill Them In

In order to get that more voluminous look that is trending right now, you are going to either want to get some sort of eyebrow pencil or gel to fill those bad boys in. When choosing a filler for your eyebrows, look for something that’s easy to work with. Because filling in your brows can be a bit tricky, you are going to want something that is fairly forgiving so if you mess up— which you probably will the first few times— you don’t have to take off all of your makeup to get it off. Additionally, when choosing a shade, try to pick a shade that’s a shade or two darker than your natural eyebrow color— this will help to give you that dramatic look without looking like too much.

Schedule a consultation

Here at Williamsburg Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our waxing services and know that you won’t be disappointed with your waxed brows. By adding these steps to your daily routine, however, you can get the best looking brows in town. To learn more about our waxing services or other services, contact Williamsburg Plastic Surgery today!

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