Facial Aging: The Matter of Control

Facial Aging: The Matter of Control | Williamsburg Plastic Surgery | Williamsburg, VAThere is an adage uttered by the late, great Coco Chanel that “at age 50, you get the face you deserve.” Society, even aesthetic medicine, has largely perpetuated this idea that the lines and wrinkles and sagging jowls that we notice as we age are our faults. We’ve made this bed, and now we need to lie in it – or make it – whichever we choose.

Here’s what we know . . .

You deserve to feel good about how you look. Genetics may work against you in some ways. For instance, you did not only inherit your eye and hair color, your bone structure, and the thickness of your skin. The muscle movements and strengths across the face also seem to be related to your relatives. Stronger pull in some areas, such as around the mouth or the eyes, means you are predisposed to a downturned mouth or frown lines. Why would anyone want to think for one minute that they deserve problems like this?

We don’t think that these consequences of aging were what Ms. Chanel meant by her statement. In reality, she was referring to the way that skin responds to certain elements.

What you can Control

  • UV exposure. Now that we know that direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light can lead to premature aging, not to mention skin cancer, we can identify one of the best ways to care for our aging skin. The problem here is that many of us suffered UV exposure during childhood when we were not privy to this knowledge. Williamsburg Plastic Surgery has numerous treatments to mitigate UV damage and promote healthier smoother skin.
  • It isn’t just the toxic chemicals in cigarettes that are harmful to the body; it is nicotine itself. This substance inhibits circulation to the skin, which means oxygenation does not occur as it should. Collagen is damaged by the smoke that comes into direct contact with the skin, leading to loss of volume and structure.

These are just two of several factors that can speed up the aging process. Engaging in healthy lifestyle habits supports graceful aging, and may include professional treatments such as collagen-inducing injectables (Sculptra), LED and microcurrent treatments, laser skin resurfacing, and more.

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