Your Future After a Facelift

Your Future After a Facelift | Williamsburg Plastic Surgery | Williamsburg, VAIt may seem as though the increase in non-surgical facial tightening treatments would lead to a decrease in the number of facelift surgeries that are performed each year. Not so. More than 100,000 adults in our country continue to turn back the hands of time by putting their facial aesthetic in the hands of a trusted surgeon. Facelift surgery does more than lift skin and tissue that has dropped to the lower part of the face; this surgery restores confidence, too. Even with the dramatic results that stem from a facelift, it is important to view this procedure as a starting point, not an end to aging.

One of our priorities in practicing cosmetic surgery in Williamsburg is that our patients achieve the natural-looking results they want. The next is that they know how to maximize those results with good practices.

Maximize Facelift Results

  1. Find your bliss. We hear a lot about stress and the damage it can do. Health issues related to unmanaged stress are concerning, and yet millions of people still carry unnecessary burdens on a daily basis. Mitigating stress can do your face a lot of good! Whether it’s yoga or meditation, dancing to your favorite music or just taking a walk, kicking that stress to the curb means that the telomeres in your DNA have the utmost opportunity to lengthen. In turn, cellular health improves and premature aging is less of a concern.
  2. Find your routine. A healthy skin care routine is not necessarily complicated, but it does require some contemplation. First and foremost, a sunscreen habit is vital to youthful skin. Look for broad spectrum products rather than those with ultra-high SPF. Daily application of SPF 30 sunscreen does a lot to preserve healthy collagen!
  3. Find the time. It can be difficult to find time to give your skin a little extra pampering, but this pays off (before or after a facelift!). Treatments such as chemical peels, LED and microcurrent facials, and fractional CO2 laser resurfacing are the icing on top to add life to your face – and your facelift.

Williamsburg Plastic Surgery offers a high standard of professional care in a friendly environment. To learn more about facelift surgery and facial rejuvenation, call (757) 345-2275.

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