What Is The Best Implant Size For Your Body? It’s Something To Think About!

breast implants williamsburg virginiaToday’s trends in Breast Implant Surgery

According to plastic surgeons all over the country, the trend in breast implant surgery today is smaller is better. The trend toward smaller implants seems to be catching on with women of all ages and walks of life. Additionally, breast implant removal and/or size reduction are especially attractive to middle-aged women who are interested in downsizing and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Many women who have hit menopause want to go much smaller and sometimes, be implant-free.

Many women want to increase their bust by just one size and frequently request B or C-cup implants. That represents a shift from years past when the most commonly requested cup sizes were D or DD. Some women are even opting to have their existing implants replaced with smaller ones. The trend seems to be for more realistic and modest results.

  • A report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that approximately 300,000 women had breast augmentation procedures in 2014. That’s not surprising! Breast enhancement not only improves your figure but it improves how you feel about yourself…your self-esteem and your self confidence.

What to consider when opting for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you thinking about breast augmentation surgery? If so, consider what size implant would look best on your body…not just this year, but as you age.

  • Try to factor in the future when you choose an implant size. Today’s implants last much longer. Extra large breasts may seem appealing at age 20 but they may not be a wise choice down the road. Consider selecting a smaller cup size so that you can avoid an additional surgery if you decide on a smaller, more subtle look later on.

Having beautiful breasts that suit your taste, style and body shape is a worthy goal to have as you anticipate implant surgery. If you have realistic expectations and are well informed, your perfect breast size is within your reach.

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