What Is It You’re After?

Dermal Fillers | Williamsburg Plastic SurgeryCosmetic surgery is a booming field for a reason. We enjoy seeing patients attain the look that they feel most at-home in, and seeing how it affects their general sense of self. Cosmetic surgery may directly affect appearance, but the secondary benefits are impossible to ignore. There is no indication that the popularity of various cosmetic procedures will diminish anytime soon. What we do see happening is a more expansive spread of information. This is where slight confusion regarding cosmetic surgery may occur, and this is what we want to discuss here.

Examples of Assumptions Related to Cosmetic Surgery

Often, the best way to explain the way something should work is to use examples of what not to do.

The Fallacy of Fillers

One of the assumptions that are commonly made today is that cosmetic injectables can do the work of a good surgeon. We are pleased to see that this idea is being revealed as the incorrect assumption it is. We love dermal fillers and other non-surgical modalities. However, we encourage potential patients to recognize their limitations, as well. Not all injectors will pull in the reigns. It is often up to the individual to realize that fillers can alter the natural curves of the face as dramatically as a bad facelift. Ideally, a thorough and contemplative consultation takes place to come up with a treatment plan. We are careful to observe the structure of the skin and underlying structures and to discuss what is possible with non-surgical treatments versus surgical lifts.

Fat Fantasies

Fat is what sends a lot of people to their cosmetic surgeon, and we can understand why. What Williamsburg Plastic Surgery does not recommend is making assumptions about fat. Particularly, it is abdominal fat that comes into question. Many people conclude that liposuction is the best treatment for excess abdominal fat. When that is the extent of the problem, liposuction may, in fact, be ideal. However, we often discover that fat is only the beginning when we look closer at the abdomen. Stretching and pulling of skin and abdominal muscle structure can permanently alter integrity, meaning that tissue will look loose and saggy unless it is tightened by a tummy tuck.

It is our goal to provide patients with the communication and treatment they need to achieve their ultimate desire of looking and feeling their best. For more information on our services, call (757) 345-2275.

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