Want to Restore the Appearance of Youth?

Want to Restore the Appearance of Youth? | Williamsburg Plastic Surgery Williamsburg, VAAh, the appearance of youth. Some say it is wasted on the young. Until we lose the facial contouring that we once had, we don’t realize just how much we appreciate features like a sharp, angular jaw line and a single chin. The good news is that, once the signs of aging start to literally draw the face downward, there are ways to restore a more youthful aesthetic.

There have been several innovations over the past few decades that have seemingly made it easy to maintain the youthful aesthetic that is desired. While patients of our Williamsburg cosmetic surgery practice can benefit from non-surgical facial rejuvenation, there is also good reason to consider the value of the surgical face lift.

Multiple Corrections in one Procedure

The reason that the surgical face lift is so advantageous is that it accomplishes lasting results with widespread improvements such as:

  • Fuller cheeks. The cheekbones should have definition and roundness. Over time, this is lost due to the reduction in the fat pads beneath the skin. In addition to fat loss, there is also an increase in laxity in the superficial muscles that support high, round cheeks. The facelift tightens up this laxity so the overlying tissues have greater support. Then, whatever further additions are made to volume (fat injections or fillers) is more noticeable.
  • No more jowls! Most people enjoyed a sharp jaw line for much of their youth. As the volume from cheeks is lost, it seems to reappear at the lower areas of the face, including along the jaw. Jowls, those sagging pockets of fat tissue, can become noticeable enough that they are all you see when you look at your reflection. As the substructure across the mid-faced is tightened, the jaw line regains definition.
  • A single chin. Many of the people we speak with complain about the appearance of their chin. Ideally, the curvature from the chin to the neck would be smooth and angled. As skin and connective tissue loosen, this region may lose all definition, morphing into a straight slope from the point of the chin to the neck. With greater support from the superficial muscles on the face, the chin gains younger contouring.

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