To Reveal Your Best Skin This Spring, Pamper Your Skin Now!

Rejuvenating Treatments | Williamsburg Plastic SurgeryWe have recently passed the pinnacle of the Winter season (thankfully!), and that has many of us eagerly looking forward to the warmer months ahead. To make the most of the remainder of this season, we’ve got to have more going for us than sitting by the fire and hiding from the latest storm. What we propose is turning your attention to your skin. The Winter months are a great time for various rejuvenating treatments. Here, we discuss some treatments that Williamsburg Plastic Surgery offers and what they can do for you.


Microdermabrasion is part relaxing facial and part powerful exfoliation. The process involves “blasting” the uppermost layer of the skin with tiny particles of crystal or other mildly abrasive matter. When these particles come into contact with the skin, they disrupt the stratum corneum, which contains dead and damaged skin cells. This disruption occurs simultaneously to gentle suction, which sweeps cells up and away from the skin’s surface. The reason why microdermabrasion is so popular is that this treatment uncovers healthier, younger skin cells. This finished result translates into smoother, softer, more radiant skin. As a way to maximize the effects of daily skincare you can receive microdermabrasion every few months

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The use of laser devices is not new and is something that has improved over time. Initially, laser skin resurfacing typically involved full-strength CO2, or carbon dioxide laser energy. This method is still used today but has largely been replaced by gentler fractional CO2 devices. Fractional laser resurfacing is a great Wintertime treatment for a few reasons. First and foremost, skin that has been resurfaced is somewhat vulnerable. It is necessary to develop excellent sun care habits, which may be easier in the colder months when the sun isn’t so powerful. Also, laser skin resurfacing requires down time to overcome the natural swelling and to peel that occurs following treatment. Talk with us about our fractional resurfacing treatment if you want to revive your skin and correct lines and wrinkles, scarring, smoker’s lines, and sagging eyelids.

Cosmetic surgery is an exciting practice that we greatly enjoy. At the same time, we also understand the immense value of non-surgical, skin boosting treatments. For more information on our treatments, call (757) 345-2275.

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