Micro-Needling Plus PRP – The Perfect Summer Combo

Micro-Needling Plus PRP williamsburg va | Williamsburg Plastic SurgeryA worthy summertime goal is keeping your skin looking young and healthy. The combination of two trending treatments, Micro-Needling and PRP can give you amazing results and help you meet that goal.

Micro-Needling uses tiny needles to make evenly spaced micro-wounds on your skin. This generates a wound-healing response, encouraging your body to produce new collagen which thickens and plumps your skin. This softens fine lines, wrinkles and improves your skin’s texture and tone. The micro-wounds allow serums, gels and platelet rich plasma (PRP) to be more effectively absorbed.

Micro-Needling can be used on the face and the body. A topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort. The length of the needles will vary depending on how deep into the skin the needles need to penetrate. The deeper the penetration, the more dramatic the results. Treatment can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes depending on the area being treated, with down-time of one to two days.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is done by collecting your own blood and spinning it in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes to separate the platelets from the blood. This “platelet-rich plasma” can then be injected through Micro-Needling into your skin. Platelet rich plasma is full of growth factors which can aid in the repair process of tissue, including your skin. Two growth factors in particular, FGF and PDGF, promote cell growth, tissue repair and the production of new collagen.

Combining these procedures results in a facial rejuvenation treatment that can literally take years off of the appearance of your skin. By applying the PRP to the micro-wounds created by Micro-Needling, the repair process begun by the micro-wounds is dramatically enhanced by the growth factors contained in the PRP.

Following treatment, your skin will be slightly pink; you may experience some mild bleeding and bruising. A series of two to five treatments is recommended to achieve maximum results. You should see full benefits within four to six weeks.

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