Men! A Super-Hero Bod isn’t out of the Question!

Men! A Super-Hero Bod isn’t out of the Question! | Williamsburg Plastic Surgery Williamsburg, VAIn the last several years, we have been treated to (had to sit through?) some action-packed movies centered on the adventures of super-heroes. During the two-hour smash-fest, it can be impossible not to notice the chiseled features on the male (and female) characters. Uh, hello, Captain America! Exposure to all of these bulked-up dudes on the screen can create frustration for the average Joe who is trying to manage a career and family life alongside his personal fitness goals.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your desired look. Maybe it’s time to get a hand. Williamsburg Plastic Surgery may be the best place to go.

Liposuction isn’t a Woman’s Procedure Anymore

As if it ever was, liposuction is not a procedure geared only toward the female body. The idea that a man cannot or should not get this procedure is absurd, especially in this day and age when men are much more up-front about their desire to look good – and the inclusion of cosmetic treatments to do so. Skilled plastic surgeons know that liposuction can be tailored for the male form, too, and they know how to uncover the V-shape a man’s body is supposed to have.

Ab-Etching is a Real Thing

When you hear the term “ab-etching,” you may envision long, hard days in the gym performing highly unpleasant exercises. We’re talking about something else entirely. Ab-etching, in the plastic surgery world, refers to the precision technique used to contour the abdominal muscles to make them more prominent. Abs can be accentuated by removing fat in a strategic manner, taking some from here and leaving some there. It’s a work of art, and it improves your satisfaction with your body.

Is it Time for Liposuction?

There is such a thing as a good time for liposuction. When that is for you is all in your hands. One of the first points of interest to know is that liposuction will not help you lose weight. Ideal candidates will be at or very near to their ideal weight; the weight they intend to maintain healthy habits. If there is an interest in revealing six-pack abs, a patient is also encouraged to prepare for his (or her) liposuction procedure by toning the core muscles.

It isn’t necessary to be an action-hero to have rock-star abs. Call Williamsburg Plastic Surgery to see what’s possible through liposuction. (757) 345-2275.

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