Do You Know What To Expect After Liposuction?

Do You Know What To Expect After Liposuction? | Williamsburg Plastic Surgery Williamsburg, VAHaving cosmetic plastic surgery can be an exciting prospect. Through the right procedure, it is possible to restore the appearance of youthfulness, to create better body contours, and much more. If the struggle you have is with unwanted, unwavering fat, then liposuction may be the ideal solution. The process through which this fat is removed has evolved as technology like laser and ultrasound have been developed for cosmetic procedures. However efficient and gentle the modern-day liposuction procedure is, there is still the matter of post-surgical swelling, and this is something you want to know about.

Swelling Doesn’t Obey

Here is the bottom line about the swelling that occurs after liposuction: it doesn’t obey any hard and fast rules. Swelling does, for the most part, subside relatively quickly. Usually, after the first month of recovery, liposuction patients start to see a glimpse of their final result. That being said, there may be days when you scratch your head in confusion about what is happening with your body.

Essentially, what you need to expect is that swelling may look better for a time, and then look worse. In many cases, the fluctuations in fluid retention are so slight that patients don’t even notice the variance. If you do notice, there is no need for alarm. Swelling may increase in line with your level of activity – and this can go both ways. First, swelling may increase slightly when you begin exercising again after your surgery. This does not mean something is wrong, or even that you have pushed yourself too hard. Remember to go slow with exercise, and you should work through the little bit of additional swelling with no consequence.

Keep it Under Wraps

One of the strictest post-liposuction care instructions is to wear compression garments as directed. You may have to wear compression for several weeks. This should not be uncomfortable, and can even be appreciated for the support that it provides. The compression that is applied is intended to support tissues, and prevent unnecessary disruption that could lead to swelling and bruising. Next to taking it slow (walking only, no intense exercise), basically living under wraps for several weeks is the best thing you can do to manage your recovery.

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