How Electrical Currents Help the Skin

Anti-Aging Services Williamsburg, VA One of the treatments that we are pleased to provide, but which tends to get little attention, is the microcurrent facial. This stimulating treatment is said by some to be an essential component of the anti-aging regimen, even when Botox is obtained periodically. Here, we want to discuss the value of microcurrent and what you can expect from treatment, should you choose to visit our Williamsburg office for this facial rejuvenation therapy.

The magic of microcurrent has become more and more familiar as A-listers like Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston (you know, those who do not know age) openly discuss their appreciation for this type of treatment. In some ways, microcurrent is about the skin. It helps the body to eliminate toxins from this large organ and supports a healthy glow. What microcurrent is all about though is the superficial muscular tissue that acts as the skin’s foundation.

Like any other muscles in the body, those that extend across the face need exercise. Sometimes, we are led only to believe that these muscles are too tense and need a little help in the relaxation department. Not so. We all know what happens when firmness is lost. Microcurrent is like a workout for the face that helps prevent jowls and other concerns.

Treatment is simple. It involves two wands which communicate with one another when moved over the skin. One wand has a negative charge, and one has a positive charge. The electrical current that passes between the two wands is gentle (remember, microcurrent) but powerful enough to cause just enough contraction to tighten the foundation of the skin. Many patients see results after just one treatment. Optimally, though, a series of up to 12 treatments should be performed over several weeks to retrain the muscles of the face to act – and look – younger.

Microcurrent is a go-to red carpet treatment for many celebrities, and it is available right here in our Williamsburg office to enable you to feed your skin year after year. To learn more about microcurrent and our other aesthetic services, call (757) 345-2275.

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