Breast Implant Options

Breast augmentation is a big decision in itself. The decision is far more than aesthetics; it can give a woman a whole new sense of self-confidence and pride in her appearance.

But once you’ve made the overall decision to go ahead with your augmentation at Williamsburg Plastic Surgery, you still have some of other decisions to make. You’ll need to decide on the type of implant, the size of the implants, and where you prefer the insertion incisions are made.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants are made from silicone shells that are filed with silicone gel. They are available to women age 22 and up. Most people believe that silicone feels the most similar to natural breast tissue.

Breast Implant Options Williamsburg VA | Breast AugmentationOver the past few years, a new type of silicone implant known as the Gummy Bear Implant has been gaining in popularity. These implants are shaped like a teardrop and are filled with a much thicker-consistency gel, hence the name Gummy Bear. The gel in Gummy Bear implants usually won’t leave the shell, even if the implant ruptures. It’s generally agreed upon that the shape of Gummy Bear Implants most closely resemble a woman’s natural breast shape.

Because of the possibility of silicone being released into the body in the case of a rupture, patients with silicone implants need to have an MRI every two years to ensure that the implants have not ruptured. If they have, replacement surgery will be necessary.

Saline implants

Saline implants are silicone shells filled with saline solution. They are available for women age 18 and above. Unlike silicone implants, which are inserted fully filled, saline implants are inserted into the breast implant pocket empty and then filled in place. This allows for smaller incisions and custom sizing while in place.

Saline implants are more prone to rippling and most people feel they don’t have the same feel as natural breast tissue. If a saline implant ruptures, the body simply absorbs the saline solution, but the side that ruptures will instantly return to its pre-implant size, requiring either removal of the non-ruptured implant or replacement surgery for both.

Whatever type of implant you choose, Dr. Guarnieri and his team know you’ll be thrilled with your new figure!


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